Recent Testimonials - 2024

Perfect 2 day session. I had no issues or concerns. The two days flew by with so much material covered. Happy it is all well documented, and I am able to refer to it as I apply it to my day to day. Thank you so much!

- Toya Will
    Jul 3, 2024

I recently completed the A-CSM course and had the privilege of being trained by Vic, an exceptional instructor. Vic's depth of knowledge on every topic within the A-CSM curriculum was truly impressive. He was thorough in his explanations, ensuring that each concept was well understood by all participants. What stood out most was Vic's engaging and active facilitation style. He made every session interactive and stimulating, which greatly enhanced my learning experience. Moreover, Vic went above and beyond by incorporating additional sources and materials outside the standard curriculum. This not only enriched our understanding but also provided us with valuable insights and resources to aid our growth beyond the classroom. Vic's dedication to our success was evident in every aspect of his teaching. I highly recommend Vic to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of Scrum and agile practices. He is an outstanding educator who genuinely cares about his students' progress and development!

- Abdi Abukar
    Jun 21, 2024

Vic is an amazing instructor. Not only are his materials and delivery exemplary; he also paces himself well to make sure you understand the concepts and establishes a rapport with you. I strongly recommend selecting Vic as your instructor. He's an excellent choice for knowledge, growth, and development.

- Markus Odom
    Jun 13, 2024

I absolutely enjoyed the class with Victor. His personality, real life scenarios and responses to current employment issues all made the class an excellent experience. I would absolutely take another class with Victor.

- Melissa
    May 29, 2024

Vic gives a passionate take on Scrum and his belief in this framework’s capacity to improve his student’s lives genuinely seemed to be his guiding mission.

- Jon Borth
    May 24, 2024

Robust course design delivered with precision. Recommended!

- Parag
    May 18, 2024

I recently completed my Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM) certification with Victor Bonacci, whose expertise in Agile principles and real-world teaching approach profoundly enhanced the learning experience. Victor excels at demystifying complex concepts, making them readily understandable, and providing practical tools and techniques that are beneficial beyond the certification itself. His dedication to participants' mastery of Scrum, coupled with his ongoing support and responsiveness, sets him apart as a trainer. I'm immensely thankful for Victor's guidance and highly recommend his training to anyone aiming to elevate their Scrum skills, as it has significantly boosted my effectiveness as a ScrumMaster.

- Maksud Khan
    Apr 26, 2024

I highly enjoyed this class. I think out of all of the certification course I have taken, Vic has been one of my favorite instructors. I would absolutely suggest taking this class specifically with him!

- Kaitlyn M.
    Apr 11, 2024

Victor did a great job leading the class in a way that encouraged and required participation. His homework assignments helped me think and grow as an agilist. Really grateful that I took the class from him.

- Al Brown
    Mar 24, 2024

My time with Victor in the A-CSM course was time well spent. I gained additional techniques and was able to fine tune techniques I currently use. The feedback from my team when I implemented what I learned was very positive and refreshing. Vic also took the time to follow up and answer any questions as well as share some of his experiences. I look forward to working with Victor again soon!!!

- Andy Eberz
    Mar 15, 2024

Vic is very knowledgeable and a great instructor! I would HIGHLY recommend anyone considering taking a course with him.

- Mark Stanfield
    Mar 14, 2024

Before this class, I was stuck as a Scrum master. Now I'm super-confident. Vic gave me so many good references and tips. Thanks!

- RFID Paul
    Mar 3, 2024

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More Student Testimonials

This course goes to 11! I enjoyed it very much and there was so much great information as well as interaction. The fact you stayed late with us to explain and reassure our new team really helped. I can’t say enough amazing things. I am very glad that we were lead to you for the CSM course.
Great course to take me from very basic Scrum knowledge to confidence that I can implement on my own.
Vic’s presentation style makes an interesting topic even more engaging and I feel that I can already apply the pointers I picked up. I would recommend Vic for anyone who’s responsibilities include training and motivating individuals to help themselves achieve their learning goals.
It was my pleasure to attend one of Vic’s training sessions. The interactive exercises were fun and I learned a lot about how to make the content of a training stick with the audience. I will definitely be using the insights gained when designing and holding my next training as an Agile Coach.
I loved the alternative teaching styles. Your class pushes the boundaries of a typical online experience. If someone was on the fence, I'd push them over to your class!
When my ScrumMaster told me he wanted to take a CSM class, from what I know about you and your classes, I thought you were likely to focus on servant leadership more than other trainers, so I sent him your way. He came by my desk this morning ecstatic about his experience and the impression you left on him! Really great work you're doing.
It was amazing to see the content in action. Vic effortlessly guided a large group and helped make the wisdom connect with each person. I came away with actionable improvements in how I deliver training and work with teams... The insights I gained from Vic have helped me connect my message with colleagues.
Just wanted to say thanks again for running this 2 day class. I've learned a great deal from you and you are one heck of an instructor. I will definitely recommend you to some of my colleagues for the CSM course. Anyhow, I just took the exam and passed it!! :-)
I was nervous about the CSM course, as I don't typically thrive in a classroom setting. However, Vic was quick to establish a comfortable, welcome, and open environment for our group to learn in. Using interactive tools, he has found engaging and entertaining ways to teach the course through a virtual setting. I enjoyed taking this CSM course with Vic, and I learned a lot. By the end of day two, all of my wildest questions had been answered, and I felt completely confident and ready to take the CSM test. Big thanks to Vic!